Website SEO Efforts – Why You Must Avoid Duplicate Content

If you have been using the internet for a while, you already know about its recent algorithm updates. These updates include Google’s Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda. With these changes, only a professional search engine optimizer can do successful link building. If you cannot understand what the above-mentioned updates are about, it would be best to look for a SEO specialist to help you. Besides Google’s updates, there are other technical issues that can affect your site’s search rankings. These include mostly issues to do with content development.

Website SEO Efforts – Why You Must Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate page content

This is the worst error you can make when creating website content. Any professional you will come across will discourage creation of duplicate content. This content looks similar or just the same as the articles that are on any other section of your site. “Search engine crawlers need smooth paths to keep on sliding on whenever they visit your web pages. Anything that will stand on their way is not welcome,” says Aaron Rush of NewYorkDesigned, a SEO Company in New York.

Sorts of duplicate content and how to solve

This includes duplicate content in form of pages or URLs like HTTP and HTTPS, domains that are not expressively stated and are used interchangeably, blog tags and so on. Crawl directives or robots.txt can be used to control how search engine bots crawl and rank your publicly viewable pages. In short, you should use these methods to tell the search engines about the areas of your site that do not need to be visited.

As regards URLs, you could type both domains into address bar and think click. This will let you test both and and see whether they will work without redirecting. If they work, you have a problem to solve. Open Google’s Webmaster tools, go to Settings and click on Site Settings. Specify the version of the two domains you prefer.

Note that this can be difficult to solve if you are so new to SEO. In that case you need to use a professional. Do you have many versions of your homepage? This is not good for SEO as it is duplicate content. In a case such as this, one URL should be picked to act as the main URL. Using the 301 redirect, you can have all other versions point to the main URL.

Mobile websites

Do you have separate mobile websites? If so, this is a horrible SEO strategy. Diverting users to different mobile sites can cause a lot of problems. It could make a renowned search engine like Google doubt your site and see it as suspicious. As you look to have a responsive website design that will automatically make your site accessible on mobile, and other multiple gadgets, be very cautious. Use an expert website construction expert who knows their job well. An excellently created responsive design cannot be suspected by Google.