Top Five Apps To Enhance Your iPad 3 Experience Even More

The iPad 3 or the “New iPad” is out and it has already spellbound its users with the gorgeous new Retina Display, stunning visuals and an even bigger selection of apps. Apple has introduced some great apps for the iPad 3 that will take full advantage of the retina display and it offers a total of over 200,000 apps to choose from. It is no easy task to find out the perfect set of apps for your iPad and since most of them come with a price tag, trial and error is not always an option. Here we are trying to capture the list of top 5 most apps in terms of usability, fun and cost. For Similar list posts visit top list today.



Easily the most popular iPad 3 application at this moment, iMovie is part of Apple’s iLife application suite. This neat application allows the users to create professional like movies on the go. Just shoot a video and edit with the swipe of a finger. You can even import movies from your iPhone and edit them without any issue. With the options to create trailers, add effects and even do voiceovers, it is a must have for any video enthusiast. This 500 MB app retails at 4.99$.

QuickOffice Pro HD:

This well rounded office application has been really popular with people looking to create and edit MS Office documents on their iPads. QuickOffice supports all universal office file formats and seamlessly imports, edits and exports MS Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It has a cloud storage option built in that links up to Google Docs, DropBox and QuickOffice was awarded the Most Innovative Mobile Application in 2011.


It is the latest inclusion in iLife app suite that got released for iPad 3. iPhoto is an intuitive photo editing tool for iOS that lets users perform easy and intermediate level edits on photos without any hassle. Apart from the straight forward crop and effect features, iPhoto sports an exposure feature to change the exposure level for any photo with ease. The brushes tool consists of eight brushes and is pretty handy to remove red eye effect or correct other blemishes in the picture. iPhoto comes with a price tag of 4.99$.


The mobile Safari browser is a stock app in iPad 3 for internet surfing and it is one of the only few stock apps that are quite popular around the world. The Safari browser has improved a lot from its previous avatars and now provides the fastest connectivity to internet compared to many other mobile browsers. The options to open links in background, the reader button to easily read website contents without ads or pictures and quick access to history have been gratefully welcomed by iPad fans.


Dropbox is a cloud storage facility that enables the users to seamlessly access files stored in their Macs from their iPads. It comes as a free app for iOS and lets users access, play and store a large variety of file formats from iPad 3. Files can even be marked as favorite for quick access later on.

These are the top 5 apps with each encompassing a particular area of usability. There are loads of other paid and free apps available from the iTunes store. Check them out and have fun.