Tips To Clear Quantitative Aptitude In SBI PO Exams 2017

Getting prepared for Bank Exams involves more hard work and knowledge on every aspect of the syllabus. And, clearing SBI exam needs, even more, input than any other exams and frequently SBI PO exam involves two types of Examinations.

Tips To Clear Quantitative Aptitude In SBI PO Exams 2017

The one is Prelims Examination, and after you cleared the Preliminary examination, you will be called to attend the Mains Examination. We know that you will be in a high stress to get trained yourself to clear the exams in a single attempt with almost only three months left for the exams.

You don’t have to stress yourself and worry anymore. Here in this post, we aim to provide you some tips to clear the Quantitative Aptitude section of the SBI PO exams in a single attempt and also with higher scores.

The time given to complete your preliminary exams is about one and a half an hour, and you need to answer almost 100 questions within this time. And these questions are to test your English language skills, Numerical ability skills, and Reasoning ability skills.

As said in the above context, once you cleared the prelims exam, you will be called to write your mains exams, and you need to write the mains exam. For this exam, you will be given a time of about 2 hours and 40 minutes, and within this period you need to answer for 190 questions.

Mains exam is to test your general English, commercial awareness, reasoning ability, computer aptitude and Quantitative aptitude.

Among all these topics, Quantitative aptitude is the one which involves more time and mathematical knowledge, so this one is the main hurdle for many candidates. Here are some simple tips to clear the Quantitative Aptitude section easily or you can approach one of the top bank coaching center in Chennai.

Practice Well and Find easy Techniques:

“Practice makes the man perfect” is the only proverb you need to follow while you are in preparatory stage. Just remember to Practice, practice and practice well and with continuous practice you may be able to find new simple techniques to get the answers quickly. You need to get answers soon as time management is the major factor in Bank exams.

Find Your Weaker Areas:

By regular practice you can find your weaker and difficulty areas, hence it helps you to make stronger in that area by asking your friends, teachers or any guides.

Learn The Basics Thoroughly:

Learning the basics is the best way to get stronger in any field, so focus mainly on learning the basics thoroughly to get cleared in aptitude or join any IBPS bank exam and TNPSC Coaching Centre in Chennai to learn basics.