Top Five Apps To Enhance Your iPad 3 Experience Even More

The iPad 3 or the “New iPad” is out and it has already spellbound its users with the gorgeous new Retina Display, stunning visuals and an even bigger selection of apps. Apple has introduced some great apps for the iPad 3 that will take full advantage of the retina display and it offers a total of over 200,000 apps to choose from. It is no easy task to find out the perfect set of apps for your iPad and since most of them come with a price tag, trial and error is not always an option. Here we are trying to capture the list of top 5 most apps in terms of usability, fun and cost. For Similar list posts visit top list today.



Easily the most popular iPad 3 application at this moment, iMovie is part of Apple’s iLife application suite. This neat application allows the users to create professional like movies on the go. Just shoot a video and edit with the swipe of a finger. You can even import movies from your iPhone and edit them without any issue. With the options to create trailers, add effects and even do voiceovers, it is a must have for any video enthusiast. This 500 MB app retails at 4.99$.

QuickOffice Pro HD:

This well rounded office application has been really popular with people looking to create and edit MS Office documents on their iPads. QuickOffice supports all universal office file formats and seamlessly imports, edits and exports MS Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It has a cloud storage option built in that links up to Google Docs, DropBox and QuickOffice was awarded the Most Innovative Mobile Application in 2011.


It is the latest inclusion in iLife app suite that got released for iPad 3. iPhoto is an intuitive photo editing tool for iOS that lets users perform easy and intermediate level edits on photos without any hassle. Apart from the straight forward crop and effect features, iPhoto sports an exposure feature to change the exposure level for any photo with ease. The brushes tool consists of eight brushes and is pretty handy to remove red eye effect or correct other blemishes in the picture. iPhoto comes with a price tag of 4.99$.


The mobile Safari browser is a stock app in iPad 3 for internet surfing and it is one of the only few stock apps that are quite popular around the world. The Safari browser has improved a lot from its previous avatars and now provides the fastest connectivity to internet compared to many other mobile browsers. The options to open links in background, the reader button to easily read website contents without ads or pictures and quick access to history have been gratefully welcomed by iPad fans.


Dropbox is a cloud storage facility that enables the users to seamlessly access files stored in their Macs from their iPads. It comes as a free app for iOS and lets users access, play and store a large variety of file formats from iPad 3. Files can even be marked as favorite for quick access later on.

These are the top 5 apps with each encompassing a particular area of usability. There are loads of other paid and free apps available from the iTunes store. Check them out and have fun.

LinkedIn Leading In Marketing Strategy

If you want to know how strong your potential customers are in the field of LinkedIn then you will have to look into the figure of average income of the users of LinkedIn and that will tell you the full story. Recently it was published that the average income of the users has reached the heights of $109,000. This clearly states that the people who are out there on the platform of LinkedIn are all serious business potential.

When the numbers were out the businesses who were not part of LinkedIn started realizing what they were missing out. Here you have potential customers who are the decision makers and not just some teenager who is having fun in the social networking site. But it doesn’t mean that other social networking sites are not worth it! Everybody has their own place and one strategy, but when it comes to LinkedIn then everything becomes serious and out an out professional.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Therefore, when you buy linkedin followers to increase your popularity, then nobody looks down at it. It is your personal choice but you must remember one thing that when you buy followers makes sure that it is genuine and nothing fake involved in it.

The whole look changes in LinkedIn

If you compare the platform of LinkedIn with other social networking sites, then you will realize that the messages that are posted in here are more professional and add value to the discussion. The conversation that is carried on in this platform revolves around the betterment of business or how you can advance your career in the future, which option will be the best for you, etc. Therefore, it is very important that you use this platform to make the most out of it and enjoy a successful marketing strategy.

When you are trying to market yourself, then it is important that you do project yourself interestingly otherwise why your customers would get attracted to what you have to say. Moreover to get some good faith amongst the contemporaries you can also recommend them without them asking you to do so. It will earn you some good points and this way you are surely going to gain some good followers in return.

Connecting twitter with LinkedIn

If you can connect your twitter post to LinkedIn as well then you will see that your post is getting much more meaningful response from your LinkedIn account as compared to that of twitter. Moreover it stays on top for much longer period when compared to that of twitter. So if you want to gain more visibility, then it is better that you post it on LinkedIn or sync the twitter account to LinkedIn to make things better for you.

Some might worry about @ tags and hashtags being used in twitter which might be a hindrance in LinkedIn, but there is no need to worry at all because everything is on top for the connections that you are trying to grow in LinkedIn. Therefore make use of every possible marketing strategy that you can come up with in LinkedIn.

Why Is It Advisable To Go For Android Rooting Sooner Than Later?

Technologies evolve, eventually demanding more functional software in the form of OS. Once the hardware gets old, so does the development die for the older versions models of phone of the same phone manufacturer. In android it is a different ball game altogether. Android community is somewhat more advanced, more in numbers of developers who are not only interested in making updates for the latest phones, but there are developers who release updates for older phones as well or make their own updates so much backward compatible that old phone users have no problem installing these updates.

Rooting Android

Android rooting can give a great boost to your android-based smartphone. It does not only enhance the functionality and capability, but also cause a complete customization of your phone as per your needs. Android rooting, has been viewed upon as having more of advantages than disadvantages. Compared to advantages, the pitfalls like the voiding of warranty, security vulnerability, bricking etc. take a back seat.

Latest software released from Google for Android can be installed in the form of custom ROM if rooting is made on the android device. It may be an everyday statement from Google and the allied manufacturers that latest version of android is unsupported on the old models, but it is just proved to be wrong by the unofficial ROM developers. Once rooted is done, custom builds of the software could easily be flashed on to the ROM of the device making it more advanced and feature enabled to your older smartphone devices.

The stock ability of the out of the box devices often do not support the Wi-Fi data tethering functionality. This is mainly due to the joint effort from the manufacturers and the carriers so that the users are locked and prevented from using the full capability of the phone. Additionally, it will suit their interests since they charge the customers an extra fee for availing such tethering capability. While all these features might be hidden for you if on stock android, the rooted android will never stop to surprise you.

A rooted android with custom software build can give you desired Wi-Fi tethering capability. You can therefore power your laptops and tablet computers on the go by simply tethering your via android phones. Sooner the rooting process is stopped to be resisted from an android user’s perspective, easier and more convenient it shall be to use such functionality as soon as possible.

Enhancement of the android rooted phones are also known to be much better than the ones that are available out of the box on some stock android version. Not only the performance, but it also gives an android user to be able to fully control the way phones operate. The main performance improvement is witnessed when the annoying stock applications are disabled via android root and no longer there to cause hindrance between your system’s full output and capability. Removals like these also extend the battery life.

Video Infographic Getting A New Dimension With Vimeo

If you are trying to promote your business through videos then it is necessary that you choose the right platform for that. Providing information on business through videos is a great way of attracting attention of customers and for this you will get many social media sites but in order to make it go viral and reach out to the maximum number of people you can use either YouTube or Vimeo. If you want full control over your video then you must select Vimeo over YouTube. Which platform will be better for you that will depend on your content and purpose of the video Infographic that you have created!

Vimeo Video Infographic

Knowledgeable versus commoners

YouTube is the place for commoners therefore the comments that you will be receiving are mostly irrelevant. It is nothing constructive at all but on the other hand on Vimeo students who have been involved with film making is mostly present, therefore when any video receives any comment then it is most useful and relevant. If they like any video then they will mention why they liked the video and what was that one thing that really stood out in the whole video.

If they didn’t like your video then also they will mention specifically what was lagging in the video and how you can improve allowing you space for improvement. Even crowd funding is made easy through Vimeo marketing and this has come as a relief for independent film makers who is trying to make their kind of cinema but due to lack of funding cannot start their project. If you are taking your first step in the world of cinema then Vimeo can prove to be quite an experience for you because you will have like – minded people around you who can guide you through if required.

Brighter side of Vimeo

When you buy vimeo views, you will know that there are pros and cons of this amazing site. The brighter side of this video platform is that it has very high quality video and even the production quality is very good as well. Here you have the option of choosing your own thumbnails and has the facility of hosting your own domain. If you are providing your users with hosting facility then automatically people will start following you.

Though the numbers of followers are very few but then you definitely will get quality visitor who has some real worth. Many people think that it is mainly for film makers and videos with an artistic angle to it. But even when popular belief says that it is not for business purposes, then also business video Infographic is doing good rounds of this platform and it is helping the business too. You can also buy likes to get more Vimeo followers.

The only major hitch that you might say exist is that the number of videos that you can upload depends on the subscription you choose. This however limits the number of uploads but it is a boon in disguise as it prevents the site from getting cluttered.

Origin and Legend of Valentine’s Day



There are people who believe that this day is celebrated in the middle of February as an anniversary of St. Valentin’s Death which may have occurred somewhere around 270 AD While others also believe that Christian Church have decided and planned to place saint valentine’s feats in the middle of February as an effort to Christianize pagan of Lupercalia. This Lupercalia was maintained as a fertility festival commit to Faunus, a roman god worshiped for good agriculture as well as roman discoverer of Romulus and Remus.

Valentines Day Origin

In the beginning of the festival pupils of Luperci, order of roman bishop, gather all together at a sacred den where the baby of Romulus and Remus is believed to care by she wolf. The bishop then sacrifices an animal such as goat for increasing fertility and a dog for the purification. After this they strip the goats hide with strips, dipping into the sacrificial blood and pull the streets gently slapping both the women and goat of the crop field.

Very far ahead of fear, these roman women’s lure the touch of hide as such they believed it will make them greater fertile in the coming next year. At the end of day, as per legend, cities young women hold their names in the big urn. Young boys of the city choose a favourite name and then they both get paired. Chosen paired match was soon declared couple to be married soon.

The Legend:

With the history of Valentine’s Day the story of its soul bishop is provided with a shroud in mystery. February is considered as a moth of love and romance and St. Valentine’s Day is important for both the roman and the Christian. But the thing is who actually was this St. Valentine, and what did he established that he became take of this ancient rite?

Catholic Church around tells us about at least two different name, St. Valentine, St. Valentinus, all of these were martyred. As per some story valentine was a priest cum bishop and he serves around 3rd century for the Rome. When the king Claudius 2nd decided that to make men a better soldier they must get separated with their wives or their loved one.

Valentine realised this injustice of soldiers and helped a lot of them to get married. For this he was imprisoned and there he cured the daughter of his jailor and started loving her. At the last stage of his life and at the time of his hanging he wrote a letter for that girl and mentioned at the last as yours valentine. Helping in marriage of men soldiers, loving that girl of jailor and for many thing Claudius ordered to put him to death.

This day is celebrated as the day of romance and love around the whole world. All around people get engaged with their loved ones and as they all want to make this day a memorable. Valentine’s day real story is whatever but today it served as a day of love.

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Amongst all the photo and social networking sites, Instagram is the most famous and it provides a platform for individuals to explore and share millions of photos, every day. This photo app is a popular photo sharing app which allows its users to upload pictures into their Instagram account. Instagram users can follow thousands of other Instagram users and can also expect a followback from them. Usually people with similar interests choose to follow each other. On Instagram, the amount of followers a person, or a brand has determines its popularity and reputation.

With Instagram becoming the most popular marketing strategy of 2013, people have found ways to gain more followers so that the brand profile is enhanced. Besides, there are certain websites and applications that brag about their performance in helping individuals gain thousands of free followers, but most only end up being spam. The most effective way in which one can get quality followers for Instagram is by posting more often and actively indulging in the networking through likes and comments or you can buy Instagram followers. Here are a few ways to gain free followers on the website.

Get More Followers


On Instagram, you can always explore through the most popular photos and get ideas to capture your own pictures. Also, making use of the most popular filters on Instagram will get you more followers. Hashtags are the most crucial and precious source of gaining popularity on Instagram, making use of the top most used hashtags and looking up trends will not fail in helping an account gain followers. The more the hashtags, the farther is the reach of a picture.

Merge Accounts

Instagram allows its users to link their Instagram profile with that of their profiles on other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. This helps in promoting communication and thus popularity or you can buy social media followers.

Uploading Beautiful Photos

On Instagram, there is a demand for products which have been clicked in a way that the picture makes the product more appealing. Photos that are unique and tell a story are favored by people than pictures that are random and raw. The users prefer enviable photographs. Pictures that portray an ideal lifestyle. Photos of food, travel, clothes, products, or basically just anything that allow the followers to connect with and desire it.

Schedule Upload Time

According to some recent research, the pictures which were uploaded around 5 o’clock in the evening were reportedly more popular than the pictures uploaded at any other time frame. However, an observation according to a survey suggests that 3 PM is a good time to upload pictures into your Instagram account any day of the week. Other researchers however have suggested that the most crucial period of the entire Insta photo uploading experience is the first 3 hours since the photograph has been uploaded. It is in these initial 3 hours that potential followers will be affected.

Tag Photos Based On Location

Tagging photos based on location will help people around the area to find and follow the account. Geo tagging also helps users find you on the map. Therefore, to successfully market a product on Instagram and to develop the brand name, it is necessary to have a vast following. Among all the new marketing strategies, this is a new and the best method to gain more followers for the brand.