Origin and Legend of Valentine’s Day



There are people who believe that this day is celebrated in the middle of February as an anniversary of St. Valentin’s Death which may have occurred somewhere around 270 AD While others also believe that Christian Church have decided and planned to place saint valentine’s feats in the middle of February as an effort to Christianize pagan of Lupercalia. This Lupercalia was maintained as a fertility festival commit to Faunus, a roman god worshiped for good agriculture as well as roman discoverer of Romulus and Remus.

Valentines Day Origin

In the beginning of the festival pupils of Luperci, order of roman bishop, gather all together at a sacred den where the baby of Romulus and Remus is believed to care by she wolf. The bishop then sacrifices an animal such as goat for increasing fertility and a dog for the purification. After this they strip the goats hide with strips, dipping into the sacrificial blood and pull the streets gently slapping both the women and goat of the crop field.

Very far ahead of fear, these roman women’s lure the touch of hide as such they believed it will make them greater fertile in the coming next year. At the end of day, as per legend, cities young women hold their names in the big urn. Young boys of the city choose a favourite name and then they both get paired. Chosen paired match was soon declared couple to be married soon.

The Legend:

With the history of Valentine’s Day the story of its soul bishop is provided with a shroud in mystery. February is considered as a moth of love and romance and St. Valentine’s Day is important for both the roman and the Christian. But the thing is who actually was this St. Valentine, and what did he established that he became take of this ancient rite?

Catholic Church around tells us about at least two different name, St. Valentine, St. Valentinus, all of these were martyred. As per some story valentine was a priest cum bishop and he serves around 3rd century for the Rome. When the king Claudius 2nd decided that to make men a better soldier they must get separated with their wives or their loved one.

Valentine realised this injustice of soldiers and helped a lot of them to get married. For this he was imprisoned and there he cured the daughter of his jailor and started loving her. At the last stage of his life and at the time of his hanging he wrote a letter for that girl and mentioned at the last as yours valentine. Helping in marriage of men soldiers, loving that girl of jailor and for many thing Claudius ordered to put him to death.

This day is celebrated as the day of romance and love around the whole world. All around people get engaged with their loved ones and as they all want to make this day a memorable. Valentine’s day real story is whatever but today it served as a day of love.