How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Amongst all the photo and social networking sites, Instagram is the most famous and it provides a platform for individuals to explore and share millions of photos, every day. This photo app is a popular photo sharing app which allows its users to upload pictures into their Instagram account. Instagram users can follow thousands of other Instagram users and can also expect a followback from them. Usually people with similar interests choose to follow each other. On Instagram, the amount of followers a person, or a brand has determines its popularity and reputation.

With Instagram becoming the most popular marketing strategy of 2013, people have found ways to gain more followers so that the brand profile is enhanced. Besides, there are certain websites and applications that brag about their performance in helping individuals gain thousands of free followers, but most only end up being spam. The most effective way in which one can get quality followers for Instagram is by posting more often and actively indulging in the networking through likes and comments or you can buy Instagram followers. Here are a few ways to gain free followers on the website.

Get More Followers


On Instagram, you can always explore through the most popular photos and get ideas to capture your own pictures. Also, making use of the most popular filters on Instagram will get you more followers. Hashtags are the most crucial and precious source of gaining popularity on Instagram, making use of the top most used hashtags and looking up trends will not fail in helping an account gain followers. The more the hashtags, the farther is the reach of a picture.

Merge Accounts

Instagram allows its users to link their Instagram profile with that of their profiles on other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. This helps in promoting communication and thus popularity or you can buy social media followers.

Uploading Beautiful Photos

On Instagram, there is a demand for products which have been clicked in a way that the picture makes the product more appealing. Photos that are unique and tell a story are favored by people than pictures that are random and raw. The users prefer enviable photographs. Pictures that portray an ideal lifestyle. Photos of food, travel, clothes, products, or basically just anything that allow the followers to connect with and desire it.

Schedule Upload Time

According to some recent research, the pictures which were uploaded around 5 o’clock in the evening were reportedly more popular than the pictures uploaded at any other time frame. However, an observation according to a survey suggests that 3 PM is a good time to upload pictures into your Instagram account any day of the week. Other researchers however have suggested that the most crucial period of the entire Insta photo uploading experience is the first 3 hours since the photograph has been uploaded. It is in these initial 3 hours that potential followers will be affected.

Tag Photos Based On Location

Tagging photos based on location will help people around the area to find and follow the account. Geo tagging also helps users find you on the map. Therefore, to successfully market a product on Instagram and to develop the brand name, it is necessary to have a vast following. Among all the new marketing strategies, this is a new and the best method to gain more followers for the brand.