5 Best Indian Railways App for Android Phone

Indian Railway has launched an online website for passengers convenient. These websites are useful to check train route, ticket status, train current status, and etc. There are many apps available for Indian Railways for a passenger who using android mobile.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best apps for Indian Railway. It is a basic need for Passengers who using android mobile for reserving tickets, etc. The listed below are the best apps for Indian Railway.

Ixigo PNR Status – Train:
The ixigo.com is a valuable app for Indian Railways. It also automatically identifies the PNR of your train ticket by the IRCTC SMS in your inbox. This app also has the following features

  • Collect all yours PNRs at one place
  • Analysis your travel Position
  • PNR grade warnings

Indian Train Alarm application:
This application helps to set the location alarm for Indian railway position. This application will notify you if train may be late or whether your waitlisted train ticket may be confirmed.
Rail jankari app:
This application helps to get all the details of Indian Railway. Using this app you can search for all types of train detail. And also it gives you the live status of train arrival and departure detail.
Check train PNR status:
This app will help you to check the train PNR status. It is also known as IRCTC PNR check. Here you can check and share the train detail through SMS or email.
Train radar:
In this application, you can check the current status of a train. This app will show you the current location of expected train.